Do your front of house staff have the right skills?

Whether it’s working in a hotel reception, as a maître d’ or at a F1 racing event, working front of house requires a specific set of skills. So whether you are looking to recruit new staff for your front of house or you are thinking about applying for a role, read our quick guide to the skill set that best fits the job.

working front of house

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Best of the best

You have to give your best 100 percent of the time and put yourself in the customers shoes and ask what service would i want to receive.   A great example of perfect service is the F1 Hospitality you recieve at the races. If you would like to go to one of these events you can get more information on professional sites companies including

Friendliness and likeability

Call it charm, call it being personable, whatever you call it, some people have it and some don’t. You need someone who knows how to delight people, whether it’s by remembering their name, treating them like their favourite customer of the day or perhaps as an old friend. People who are likeable go a long way in this role.

Listening skills

It’s not just a gift of the gab, to be effective, an individual must also possess the skill of listening. Whether it’s to retain information about a customer for later, or perhaps simply to hear important requests, perhaps pertaining to dietary requirements or disabled access, someone who listens to a customer’s needs will always do well.

working front of house

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Good knowledge of the business

At the front of house you need extensive knowledge of every part of the business. That may include the names of all staff, the specials, the prices, the wine recommendations and perhaps even how to work in the kitchen at a moment’s notice. All staff should know how to stock a bar or use commercial dishwashers like those at Versatile staff are great for small and large business alike, you never know when this additional knowledge will come in handy.

Organisational skills

If an individual can’t be organised and prioritise effectively then they won’t succeed at front of house. This job requires excellent organisation; some jobs can be put off till later but must not be forgotten, whilst other jobs need seeing to immediately. Customers expect front of house staff to prioritise them, and it’s up to staff make it appear that they’re doing just that.


Being a hard worker is essential for working front of house as it may well be busy for large parts of the day.

As you can see, the skill set required for staff working out front is varied and is more about personality than experience. Patience, likeability, communication skills, versatility and organisation are all key skills required.

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