Faultless Ways for Men to Wear Vintage

Vintage is cool, and summer is the perfect time of year to experiment with fashion. But knowing what to wear and how to wear it requires planning, knowledge and confidence.

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Know Your Fashion

Rather than randomly selecting items you like the look of, think about which era you want to represent. Clothes worn in the second half of the 20th century go well with modern fashion, but if you are wanting a smart look, the earlier years offer a great choice and are currently very on trend.


While you may be lucky and pick up a great item from a vintage store, this will take time as you will most likely need to sort through many racks to find that special something. It is also worth visiting your local high street, as many fashion stores sell vintage style clothing at very affordable prices.


If you want the genuine item, always take some time looking at the condition and checking for signs of wear and tear. Well-made clothes that have been looked after are often the best investment.

grandad shirts

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The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are known for the strict rules regarding what the players wear – and guests who are admitted to the members’ lounge. This tradition goes back over a hundred years and has made headlines many times since.


Timeless fashion items such as polo shirts or an oxford shirt can look great with skinny jeans, so don’t feel you can’t mix and match. Classic pieces such as a Farah grandad shirt from companies such as www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/grandad-shirts are very versatile and popular this season and look great with jeans, shorts or chinos.


There are certain items that every man should own which are worth spending a little more on, as they will be worn for many years to come and possibly even handed on. Items such as a denim and leather jacket and a well-loved, well-worn pair of blue jeans will never stop looking good and should be included in every fashion conscious man’s wardrobe.


Certain brands of trainers have seen a resurgence in recent years, and shoe styles such as winkle pickers are also making a comeback.


Whatever style you want to wear, wear it with confidence. If you look good, you will feel good.

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