Five ways to make your gift meaningful

The thought of buying a gift fills many with fear as we try to find the right balance between useful, thoughtful and personal. Filled with memories of the times we may have received a gift that we didn’t want or need, we are determined not to do the same to our loved ones. How can we avoid making poor decisions and get a meaningful gift?

appreciate a gift

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What they want, not what you would like them to have

Make sure the gift is something that they can and will use. Don’t get them vouchers for something they will never be able to redeem, such as a theatre or restaurant that’s too far away. Make sure it is personal to them and not you. If you want to get vouchers, choose ones that they will actually use such as a shop they use or a venue they will be able to get to easily.


If the person you are buying for is charitable and you know what charities they support, they will be happy with the gesture of a donation in their name. This is a perfect gift, and the charity will benefit from your donation. There will be no waste or regifting to worry about.

Handmade presents are made with love

Loved ones appreciate a gift that was made by you. What is lovelier than a box full of memories put together by you? You could include photos of the memories you have made and various items from places you like to go together. Put it all in a beautiful box and watch their reaction.

appreciate a gift

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Personalise it

The act of personalising a gift shows that you have put time and effort into it. Personalising photo frames, mugs or other items offer meaning and practicality. The person receiving the gift will think about you every time they use it. Why not use a favourite photo of you or add their name and a catchphrase they use? The possibilities for personalisation are endless.

An experience to remember

The best way to create new memories with a loved one is to get them an “experience” gift. There are plenty to choose from depending on what they are interested in, whether it’s sky diving or afternoon tea or perhaps a Tank Driving experience from a company such as

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