The Present of Frankincense

Frankincense truly has known to be a gift from the founder for me and my loved ones! As are all the oils that I use in Young Living. Personally, I have used Frankincense for quite a few things, such as creating a combination that comprised frankincense for the husband after he suffered a small stroke out of food poisoning. As a consequence of this, he’d double vision. The eye doctor said he needed a little nerve damaged from the mind. So, I composed an oil mix which comprised frankincense which I applied into the brain stem, temples and top of mind and about the mind reflex points on the toes. I implemented it 2 3 times. And the following moment no more dual vision.


Frankincense truly is a healing present! Known as the Holy Anointing Oil, it is well known historically because of its therapeutic abilities. It is been used medicinally and emotionally for centuries, since the dawn of recorded history. It is said in the Bible 22 occasions from Exodus to Revelation. An individual’s wealth was measured by his shops of frankincense oil. Since it had been appreciated more than gold at that moment, it had been granted to Jesus. It takes 40 years to get a frankincense tree to grow so the oil resin could be extracted. This accounts for its prestigious price of this oil. Listed below are a few Fascinating items about لبان الذكر frankincense. Frankincense helps Increase the action of leukocytes in protecting the body against disease.

Frankincense can be implemented Into the Vitaflex factors for the mind to assist the limbic area for production of both thyroid and human growth hormone. That point is about the rear of the big toe on the ideal foot. Implementing frankincense into the sternum (breastbone) helps protect the immune system and human anatomy from damaging energies like radiation, electromagnetic frequencies and microwaves. Frankincense has been regarded as a Universal Medicine from early times to present. It had been great for everything from constipation to a busted mind, based on Egyptian hieroglyphics. It had been used for depression, inflammation, cancer, to improve the immune system and also for respiratory ailments.

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