What to Wear to a Christening

A christening is a wonderful family event right up there with a wedding, and it’s another chance to get dressed up for a special occasion. And just like a wedding, there are most definitely dos and don’t’s when it comes to the dress code. If it’s not stated on the invitation, it’s certainly worth checking about the dress code.

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Again, like a wedding, there is an unofficial hierarchy, and while neither grandmother nor godmother will want to upstage the mother, there might well be a little competition between themselves!

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Mother of the Child

All eyes will be on you, even if indirectly as you’ll probably be holding the child for most of the ceremony. Opt for block colour and avoid pattern, as it can be distracting for the eye. Neutrals and pastel colours are a good choice, as they won’t be harsh against the baby’s skin. A fitted jacket could complete your outfit so you look polished and finished.

The Godmother

You’ve been chosen as a role model, so dress appropriately. Whatever your personality, a christening as Godmother should be a time for smart but conservative outfit, especially if it’s taking place in a church. Cover your shoulders and wear a dress that it not too tight and finishes below the knee.


Don’t go too formal – fascinators might be over the top – but do choose some classic tailoring. Take advice from the parents as to colour scheme so you don’t look out of place in the photos.


Guests have much more flexibility. As with the godparents, though, expect to be running around after small people and dress appropriately. Stiletto heels might not be wise, and nor is a very tight or close-fitting dress. Maxi dresses can be a great idea and strike exactly the right note – see the range from specialist retailers like AX Paris – and work well whatever the weather: classic, modest and right on trend.

Woman & Home goes into more detail about what you should or shouldn’t be wearing depending on who invited you – there’s a lot of etiquette involved!

Don’t forget that where there are children involved, you should be willing and prepared to be running around after them and playing unexpected games, so factor that into your outfit choice.

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